Carnel St. Louis is a drummer out of Sayreville New Jersey. He's been playing the drums for 14 years and enjoys the styles of rock, hip hop, blues, jazz, reggae, funk, samba and many more. Growing up he always took music in school and started learning about notes and rhythms from a very early age. In school he was involved in the concert band every year and as he entered high school found his way into the jazz band. In a sense his drumming was very technical, but while doing all this, he was also involved in a trio called Rosedale which introduced him to great classic rock musicians such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and so many more. It was playing in that band that really helped develop his drumming beyond that technical level and his aspect and understanding of improvisation really took flight. After years of practice, he won the 2011 Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for drums. Since then, Carnel has been seen playing drums behind many of New Jersey’s great musicians, including Slow Hands, at festivals, bars, resorts, country clubs and many other live music venues.