Slow Hands (All 12 of them)


In March 2018, the Ramblin Dawgs, an original blues rock band out of New Jersey, added two members and created Slow Hands, The Music of Eric Clapton.  The goal was to create a band that captures the energy and passion of the music of Eric Clapton played live.  That goal was reached and the band is firing on all 12 cylinders. Performing Clapton songs from Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos and his entire Solo Career, we have several different sets varying from a one set 2 and 1/2 hour concert to three or four 45 minute sets played over the course of an evening.  We can also perform an evening of Greatest Hits or we can play Any Clapton concert ever recorded, for example 24 Nights or Live in Hyde Park or the Cream Reunion Concert. We can perform any Album you desire from beginning to end as part of a show, for example 461 Ocean Boulevard, Layla and Assorted Love Songs, Journeyman or From the Cradle. In any format, for any venue, public or private, the Band sounds amazing and captures the exciting improvisational style of live performance Clapton has made famous throughout his career. 


Introducing the Hands

Carlos "CDawg" DC on Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Charlie Saraceno on Piano and Organ

Steve Raphel on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals

John MacDonald on Bass

Carnel St. Louis on Drums

Lisa Coppola on Vocals