John MacDonald was given a cassette of Who’s Next when he was just six.  From that moment he knew what he wanted to do...smash instruments.  But in order to smash them he had to first learn to play one.  Realizing he couldn’t sneak drums into the house without his mother noticing, John instead smuggled in a guitar, figuring it would be easier to get forgiveness than permission.  In spite of being a wannabe-drum-smashing guitarist, he was always drawn to the bass parts in songs, so he eventually picked up his first over 20 years ago.  He hasn’t put it down since, not even to smash it. 

He started his first band, Stronger Than Dirt, in 1997 and played with them until their bloody demise 14 years later.  They still occasionally get together, 22 years on.  When nobody is looking, he moonlights with the all-acoustic band Longo Boys and The Red Bank Blues Band. 

John has performed with nearly 30 different bands and can be heard on albums by Eryn Shewell, Under New Ownership, Robin Tricker, The Red Bank Blues Band, and Lisa Coppola. 

He mainly plays fretless bass, though you may see him beside an electric upright or even a bass ukulele from time to time.  (Yes, they make those).